Hide and Seek with the Inspiration Fairy

My Inspiration Fairy is a smart, cheeky nymph. She knows she is beautiful and she knows she can get her way with her clients a.k.a. writers, so she loves to take them for a ride. Playing games. Sneaking away. Paying a surprise visit in the middle of the night or when you’ve just settled for a long, slow bath. Then of course there’s her trademark giggle as you struggle to wipe sleep/water out of your eyes, hunt around for the pen, grope for the notebook to pen down the magical words she’s whispered into your ears. She draws you into a lovely reverie, filling your mind with images and a steady splatter of words…ah, bliss. You love her. Reveries, sadly, are short lived *long dramatic sigh*. Another mesmerising giggle from her. Then out of the blue the magical words start disappearing from your head. In their place there are sequences that make no sense and words that would drive even the local farmer’s ass insane. You pick up your ears hoping to catch the chiming of bells in your head (which could be her insouciant giggle) or the the free flow of words like a gurgling river. Bottom line is, she’s disappeared. Yes. And just like that too. 
No clue to where. 
Maybe to the Goddess Inspiration Fairy Park

Or perhaps to her abode among the clouds which she shares with her equally quirky friends. Possibly called Inspiration Castle.

While she’s on her holiday (mostly short unless she’s planning some revenge game on you), you bang your head against the walls, tear at your hair and basically look for ways to end the the torture your sadistic muse has left you to. Even death would be pleasant then. Your notebook lies blank or ruined with useless ramblings (like this one) and your mind molested. Urgh! You’ll kill her when she arrives, you swear. Oh yes! She’s not getting away next time! But thing is, she does. She keeps up her cheeky games. She hides and you have to seek her. Because until you find her, your work lies tattered.
You have to admit, you love her. Grudgingly so. Inspite of her driving you up the wall sometimes, if not always. You cant do without her. Because she gives you your escape in the form of the magical tinkle of words she filters into you. *The girl’s smart*

Food for thought: You have to seek her right? A ginormous Troll just hit me and said that she (yes, SHE, the cheeky lady) is probably seeking us out. *Cough cough* Maybe its my head. Bloody troll. Setting off thoughts in directions I didn’t expect. Argh. Now where’s my pen? Ah, lovely, the notebook! And the blank page. Now to write. Okay, the blank page…ahem, the blank page…INSPIRATION FAIRY, WHERE ART THOU??!!

5 thoughts on “Hide and Seek with the Inspiration Fairy

  1. I love this post!! Those pics are gorg. I imagine my fairy as a lazy thing who'd rather watch TV… oh wait, that might be me. Well, gotta take control of your own inspiration haha!


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