I may be too late for a Halloween post, but I’ll shoot nevertheless. 
I’m curious about what you guys have decided to BE tonight. I mean, with the traditional vampires, werewolves, zombies, witches and fairies being given glorified new dimensions to themselves and blending in with the common folk, they’ve kinda lost their appeal as Halloween, um, Monsters? 
It’s supposed to be a Scarrific night, if I’m not mistaken (not that I should be, atleast out here).
Like this, maybe?

 But, heck, you gotta agree it’s gotta be weird trick or treating in a vamp’s costume when the current popular belief has etched a picture of a gorgeous, long-lashed gentlemanly male or an even bewitching female in your next door neighbour’s mind.
So what exactly would be an apt costume?
A tennis star?
A loony toon?
The homecoming queen?
What was YOUR costume?
Looks like Halloween itself is going for a makeover of sorts. 

3 thoughts on “HALLOWEEN Spooks

  1. My friend came to school yesterday with cat-eye contacts. They were awesome, haha. People definitely do dress up as Twilight vampires, with golden contacts and all. Try the red ones instead! I'm not dressing up tonight, since I'm just going to see a movie… although I guess I could, lol.


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