NaNo or WiP or WiP INTO NaNo

 I’m so lost right now. I don’t know what to do.
I took up the NaNoWriMo because I thought it would be an exciting opportunity to see how far I can push myself with a deadline looming and well, I like challenges. Thing is, four days into it and I’m not even sure if I’m cut out for it. My WiP characters are screaming inside my head: they won’t let me rest in peace (in this case, work on the NaNo project). They want my attention and frankly, I miss them too. Not that the NaNo story doesn’t have my attention. It does. If it didn’t I wouldn’t have spent even 24 hours on it. But what do I do? Does quitting NaNoWriMo make me a wimp? Should I get back to my WiP? And what happens with the deadline thing? Questions, questions. Only 26 more days left and I don’t even know where I stand. Should I turn my WiP into my NaNo project and see how far I can proceed with that? Because quite honestly I need a deadline. I need someone to give me a nudge, a push..someone to say ‘okay, if you don’t get this done by then, you’re not getting this (whatever ‘this’ is)..’ From the little that I’ve learnt about myself, I do think I thrive under pressure. And, it’s high time I complete my WiP, Spirits Within. The other night I literally woke up in cold sweat ’cause while on one side my SW soulmates were stamping their feet in need on the other side NaNo was smirking and shaking its head in slight disapproval.
The gnawing in my mind doesn’t cease. Every time I decide on NaNo time Spirits Within launches into full fledged action. And when I finally make up my mind on SW, NaNo wags a finger under my nose as if to say ‘you’d never get anything done’ (go figure). 
Maybe I should turn NaNoWriMo to MuFiWiPMo (Must-Finish-WiP-Month) but then, will it be the same as working under an actual deadline? (Jeez, I need someone to wave a whip in my face as I race to Nov. 30th). Funny, a month that’s supposed to embody something concise..condensed..nano is making things so complicated for me.
Sound/unsound advice anyone?

One thought on “NaNo or WiP or WiP INTO NaNo

  1. I'm not doing NaNo. I'm working on revisions instead. Just remember to not do anything that makes you unhappy. Decide for yourself whether quitting NaNo represents a huge failure or a stand for your own satisfaction. 🙂


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