November Blues: Study or Write?

I think I’m finally settling into November. This time of the year always gets me flustered for reasons beyond my comprehension and this year with NaNoWriMo/University tests and results things got more unsettling. And I’m trying to deal with each one separately. Yeah.

a) I’m withdrawing from NaNoWriMo *blows a kiss to Emilia and Trisha (who’s not here but was equally encouraging)*. So, like I said earlier, it’s MuFiWiPMo for me. I HAVE TO finish my current WiP by the 30th. I’m not quite sure how, ’cause it’s actually pretty long, but I will. Yeah. Now that’s motivation talking *grins to self*. And sometime soon I’m gonna talk about my WiP so that you know what is/are this book/characters I’ve fallen hook, line and sinker in love with. These days, I remain in their world longer than I remain in mine. Maybe that’s ’cause I fit better there.

b) I have a pile of books on my desk that needs to be read. Textbooks. And they need to be read by Monday which is when I have a test. Frankly I don’t know a thing…but I’m getting there. Atleast planning to. The problem with University, especially mine where they have a “reputation” to live up to, is that it so gets in the way of my writing. Sadly, that can’t really be helped, so I’m learning to live with that. Ahem. The good thing is, Monday’s test includes Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice, which is a text I enjoy. If only my sadistic professors would be kind enough to spare some marks. Sigh.

I had a lot planned for the evening. Like lessening the pile of books on the desk. Increasing the word count of Spirits Within. Basically, being prepared for Monday and the 30th of Nov. (that’s not very far now that I think of it). And, well, this is how it (the evening, ie) basically turned out. Not exactly what you’d call ‘according to plan’.
1) Made a new playlist.
2) Replied to emails.
3) Read Chapters 1-2 of Alyson Noel’s Shadowland. Online. Even though I’ve read neither Evermore nor Blue Moon.
4) Watched Evermore book video on Youtube. Ogled at Damen guy.
5) Debated whether I should read Wicked Lovely or Evermore first.
6) Saw Wicked Lovely video. Ogled at Seth and Keenan.
7) Logged on Facebook.
8) Snacked on nuts.
9) Logged off Facebook.
10) Dumped nuts.
11) Watched Werecats: Stray video. Ogled at EVERYONE. Too hot for comfort *eyes elated* (here’s the link incase you decide to give your eyes a pleasant surprise too:
12) Listened to Rachel Vincent’s (author of Werecats series) interview.
13) Debated between Wicked Lovely, Evermore and Stray.
14) Continued reading Vampire Academy from where I had left off. Only Ebook I’ve stuck to for so long.
15) Drooled over Ben Barnes, winced over Megan Fox in a VA book trailer. Ouch.
16) Made a cup of coffee. Planning on doing that a lot tonight to keep awake and get Monday’s stuff done.
17) Started blogging.
18) Daydreamed of this secret world with Ben Barnes..*sigh of pleasure*
19) Blogging….

It’s time. I should get myself off this chair and, well, start slogging. For Monday.
Except that Rosa’s all excitedly whispering in my head..
And, well…
Okay, there’s Pride and Prejudice..and the accompanying bundle of notes…
And, there’s the pen…oh bugger, Rosa I’m coming!

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