Blog Update after an unwilling vacation from blogosphere/ Ebook hindrance(?)

First it was my space-bar that betrayed me.
Then the ‘h’ key, followed by the ‘c’ key, the ‘m’ key..and on and on and on. Perfectly traitorous.
That left me only with the ability to read blogs and not post anything new on mine. I tell you, resistance is a difficult job.
Turns out though, I had a freaking great time reading the blogposts. Yes, I read every post on all the blogs I follow and some that I don’t-follow.
*Applause* to all of you out there!!
Mari Mancusi, writer of the Blood Coven series, wrote an awe-inspiring post on Kristen Nelson’s blog. You might wanna hop over and check it out: click here.
Congrats for the relaunch, Mari! And, oh yes, the covers are gorgeous 😀
Teen writer Nina Zivkovic just wrapped up her first book The Core: The Beginning. Congrats to her too!! I hope you find an agent ASAP 😀

The countdown to Rhonda Stapleton‘s  Dec. 22nd debut, STUPID CUPID, has begun as well. I’m looking forward to this light and funny teen rom-com. A copy of the book along with other goodies is up for grabs, so you might as well drop by her blog.
This already looks like an exciting time. And with the NaNoWriMo (my MuFiWiPMo) deadline bobbing it’s head up ever so slightly, there’s a lot to look forward too as well.

I hope you’re having a fun time with your writing and reading!
That reminds me, what’s your take on ebooks? I kinda realised that ebooks aren’t exactly my cup of tea. I don’t know if it’s me or the comp but I have a hard time connecting with characters when I’m reading an ebook. I abandoned BOY MEETS GIRL (even though I mostly enjoy Meg Cabot’s books), THE LOST SYMBOL (if you put down a Dan Brown book you’re quite clearly insane), MIDNIGHT SUN/partial draft (and I absolutely LOVE the TWILIGHT saga) and THE CHOICE (and this was the shortest). The only one I’ve managed to stick out with for so long is Richelle Mead’s VAMPIRE ACADEMY (so that one’s deff got something about it). What about you? How do you get along with ebooks?

2 thoughts on “Blog Update after an unwilling vacation from blogosphere/ Ebook hindrance(?)

  1. I haven't really thought about ebooks much, even though it's pretty much all over the blogosphere… IDK. I guess I'm sort of anti. I stare at my computer screen and my iPhone screen ALL DAY LONG – staring at paper books is a nice break!! I'm not anti-technology by any means, but even I start to feel like a weirdo when I spend a whole day interacting with glowing screens that make my eyes hurt after a few hours. lol.


  2. I totally get what you mean. It hurts my eyes and it feels like there's a barrier between me and the book. You could call me old fashioned but holding a book is so much better than holding the comp. It smells better too.


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