I was at the bookstore last night (which shouldn’t sound unusual since I’m always there. Whether I buy or not, I’ll be there simply to smell the books). There weren’t quite as many as I’d have liked but there were some I’ve been wanting to read for long.
Here’s what I bought.
And, yes, I’m broke now.

WICKED LOVELY – Melissa Marr 
(Yes, finally after so long!)

DEVIL’S KISS – Sarwat Chadda
(Heard exciting things about this one..expectant)

ENVY – Anna Godbersen
(I have read neither LUXE nor RUMOR but I couldn’t not buy this..something about the cover deff)

INK EXCHANGE – Melissa Marr
(I lurrrrve the cover! Companion novel to WICKED LOVELY)

(I should have got this ages ago..god only knows why I didn’t)

WINGS – Aprilynne Pike
(When I read the first sample chapter on Aprilynne’s web, I just had to get this…now I can’t stop grinning :-P)

(This lady still rules..:)

Worth being broke when you have a pretty post (thanks for acknowledging :-P) and such lovelt colours to brighten up your bookshelf.
Can’t wait to read them! 
And they are all mine!
*Double Squee*

PS. I just realised I might have been unfair with the Teaser since I haven’t really spoken about SW at length, leaving you with no clue to what it’s about. I’ll do that in the next post or the one after that.

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