TENSE-ing Up

I’m in a dilemma.

Midway through SW  my writing voice is playing tricks on me.

Blame it on the tense. I don’t know which one to use.
While some parts find clarity with the ‘present’ tense, others do so with the ‘past’ tense..and now I’m literally driving myself up the wall ’cause I’m all lost right now.

I know ‘present’ tense is the current fad, but I’d like to know, which tense sounds right to you?
And, what should I do? ‘Cause IF’s not being any help either.


One thought on “TENSE-ing Up

  1. I like present. AC was originally in past, but I decided to change it after reading a couple books in present that I really loved. I think present works well with extremely close first person – the kind where the character makes remarks all the time – and with fast-paced plots. Try writing the same short chapter in past and in present and see which you enjoy writing more, and which sounds better. 🙂


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