WiP BUZZ : Spirits Within

First the good news : All’s well with the University results. I got a first class honours 😀 *does a merry dance*

Now, the other good news: I’m finally here to talk about Spirits Within. 
So, breathe.



Rosa Rajput has forever been an outcast. Blame it on her freak ability to see and communicate with the dead. So when she is sent to live with her Mum’s friend and her family to Oak Ridge, a small town in Northern England, after two consecutive expulsions, she is looking for a fresh start. Minus the spectral visitations, that is. Ghosts, though, seldom let go of their only connection with the living world. When Rosa’s friend, Oliver, falls victim to a spate of baffling murders, it is up to her and a family of Healers to get to the bottom of it. Not exactly her idea of a perfect start. Not her comfort zone either….

……Hiding behind hoodies, skating the length of the town, Rosa finds her own personal escape in skater-boy Conner. As she fools around town with this mysterious boy and his group of friends, she is drawn to the comfort he offers, a break from her freakishly lonely world, unable to realise that the closer she gets to Conner’s world the more she is risking herself to fate’s worst nightmares. 

I have to be honest.

This is the first time I’ve done a synopsis of SW. The obvious reason being I’m bad with them. I don’t know how good this is or how well it embraces the story but it’s all in good practise, I guess. 😀

PS. I’ll soon be starting a new section called CHATTERBUZZ featuring writing tips, interviews and of course the usual chatter from both published and unpublished writers.
Hope you guys will be looking forward to it as much as I am.

4 thoughts on “WiP BUZZ : Spirits Within

  1. I liked your sypnosis and reading it I actually assumed you'd done masses of them. It drew me in and got the idea across well, yet was also succinct. And ghosts and skating is an intriguing combination.Somehow missed your comment before. I'm sorry to hear about your Grandad, sounds like he was awesome.


  2. I really liked the synopsis! I was thinking randomly, I really wish there was a teen version of ghost whisperer! Than BAM! I came across this. REALLY! looking forward to seeing how this pans out.


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