*TSK TSK*….~Teaser~

I hope you’ll allow me to ramble before I put up the teaser. 
Last week was awesome. I got tons written on Spirits Within *yay*..thanks to all the wonderful twifties and non-twifties on AW.
And the awesome Lauren Mechling I interviewed last week posted about the interview on her blog. Like I said, she’s absolutely fab!
And, I won a giveaway on Marjolein’s blog *punches the air*…
…yeah, it’s been bliss.
Ahem, so back to the teaser. This is the rough, bare bones of it..which will need a lot of polishing, but I’ll share it with all you awesome people anyway 🙂
Plus, this one’s kinda long. By the way, the Oliver guy mentioned here is a ghost.


8 thoughts on “*TSK TSK*….~Teaser~

  1. This is awesome from start to finish. I loved this line: \”He had an interesting face –perfect panes, prominent cheekbones– but one you could spend all your time trying to unravel.\” and then the last bit about it changing into a mask. Very cool! Cant' wait to read more!!! PS. I love the blog pic at the top!


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