*TSK TSK* Teaser: #3

I had one of my ‘Eureka’ moments Sunday night, which resulted in me going all the way back to Chapter One to add a new scene. This new scene will set off significant changes throughout the book which I now have to add/edit along. At the pace I’m going it’s gonna take an eternity before I have a polished draft.
Still, my new Dec 31st deadline to whip up the first draft stays. For now.

So, yes, the snippet.


15 thoughts on “*TSK TSK* Teaser: #3

  1. Thanks for the happy birthday hun!As daylight receeded and the stars leapt out of their hideouts, the forests on the hillocks painted a pretty picture in their obscurity. Like the sort of place you'd want to escape to. Someplace you'd like to make your haven.Ugh, something about that makes me feel…I don't know, just makes me feel. It's like I'm really there in one of those weird moments that makes you go, whoa, I'm alive.And I love the symbolism of the crow. Is it going to be a death omen like usual, or is it just me running away with the idea?


  2. I really like this snippet. These lines totally stood out for me: \”When your life is a prison, you have to make do with the little you have.\” & \”Safer from the risk of revealing our identity\” –Lexie rolled her eyes –\”or simply giving away too much, whichever comes first.\” Nice job!


  3. Secret identities can make for exciting reading! This was well written and I hope to read more and learn more about your book.


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