READERBUZZ: The Goddess Society ~ Kelly McKain

I’m back! After a hiatus (you missed me right? Oh, tell me you did anyway!). The blame goes back to my troublesome keyboard. It’s been replaced so hopefully there won’t be another obstacle in my blogging life any time soon, unless of course, the monitor conks out or something (yeah, my comp’s ancient).
So, here I am. Back with a book after, yeah, ages. I’ve read so many books lately, dunno why I never ended up reviewing any. Will do, soon though.
Kelly McKain’s THE GODDESS SOCIETY came out a few years ago but I only picked it up from the library a couple of days ago.


Sex isn’t always about love.

And love isn’t always about sex… When Jen, Lia and Shelley form a society to lose their virginity they each expect their first time to be perfect. But there are a few teeny problems. Friends, parents, kid brothers and drag queens all cause chaos – not to mention the boys themselves…

I was really tired after a long day out and had an assignment to work on, so I planned only on reading the first chapter before zoning out. Bad idea. Assignment forgotten, I read the book in a single sitting. THE GODDESS SOCIETY doesn’t have kickass heroines or damsels in distress swooning into the arms of the hottest guy in class/town. These girls are real people, goddesses in their own rights, learning about themselves, finding themselves in a maze of confused feelings. This isn’t a female version of Melvin Burgess’ DOING IT. It’s about love and heartbreak, living and dying. In short, it’s about the world we build in and around ourselves..about life itself.
From what I know, this is Kelly McKain’s only YA venture (Point rates it strictly for teenagers) but she has a gem in here. It hooked me in, especially with the multi-narrator thing (each chapter is narrated by a different character– Jen, Shelley and Lia) and warmed me within.
I really liked THE GODDESS SOCIETY and yeah, I do want to read the sequel, THE LOST GODDESS.

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