Sunday Sundae: CONNECTION ~Jo Ramsey

I know it’s Monday, but I’ll still go ahead with a SUNDAY SUNDAE post. Bear with me.

At the start of high school, Shanna Bailey doesn’t imagine her life will change. She’s always been the one everyone else puts down, even her own mother. Shanna is positive high school will be no better. But when she meets Jonah Leighton, everything changes. Though most other kids make fun of and even fear Jonah, Shanna finds him to be kind and thoughtful, and he amazes her with the things he knows. Even more amazing, he wants to teach her what he’s learned, and he wants to be her friend.

When Kaylie Sturbridge, one of the popular crowd, starts acting strangely, flipping out in school and shouting about a dark thing following her, her friends shun her. Only Jonah seems to know what’s going on, and he persuades Shanna to work with him to help Kaylie. But can the two of them rid Kaylie of the entity that wants to take over? And can Shanna trust herself enough to do what Jonah needs her to?
This is the first book of The Reality Shift series. I came across this writer on AW where she posted an excerpt and decided that I had to post about it. Always glad to see a new YA writer on the block. CONNECTION comes out in Jan. 2010.
Oh, and you can find out more about the book here.
PS. Aren’t the models on the cover hot?

3 thoughts on “Sunday Sundae: CONNECTION ~Jo Ramsey

  1. This is where Googling comes in handy. Didn't even know this was here. Thanks for posting about Connection! It's available now, and book 2 in the series, Filtration System, will be out in October. If you're a Jonah fan, you'll love book 2, 'cause he's the narrator.


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