*First Teaser of the Year*

Howdy, folks!

So this a whole new year and I have a new WiP up my sleeve. Okay, so this probably comes as a surprise but Spirits Within has been trunked for now. I realised that it needs time. I’ll go back to it, but for now it rests. Meanwhile, this SNI came to me in a rush right on the 1st of this  month, this year. It’s YA Contemporary, a genre-jump but I’m hopping excited about it. Tentatively titled Breaking Away, I’m putting up a snip which comes up in the beginning.
Some of you on the TWFT thread at AW might have read this before, so I’m sorry, but I promise I’ll post something new on my next teaser.
Say hello to Ronnie here 🙂


*Lateness bites. Snipped*

21 thoughts on “*First Teaser of the Year*

  1. I like how your MC is looking for her to fight back. Very interesting. I'm wondering what has happened… I'm guessing she has lost her parents in a tragic way.


  2. I really like your details, especially how the aunt lays out breakfast. Tells me a lot about her! And my boyfriend doesn't sleep-scream, but he does sleep talk. So I thought your line about it stripping away privacy was really clever!


  3. I'm totally hooked. There's tons of mystery here, but in a perfect. I want to know why she sleep-screams, why she wants to hide in her hoodie/cap (awesome lines, btw), why everyone is so awkward around her. And the double locks–man!Must. Read. More.


  4. This is great! I love the way you use description to build character, tension and atmosphere – the breakfast layout, for example. Like Véro, I assumed tragic parental death: this is YA, after all! And that explains why she lives with her aunt and uncle and why they treat her like she's made of glass. Nice work.


  5. I love how your MC is doing her best to heal, yet she rejects her Aunt. The uncle's reaction is also interesting. This piece flows like water. Can't wait to read more. 🙂


  6. I really like this. Have you done a snip of this before? Is there something up between her and the uncle? I may be confusing yours with someone else. I read a lot of teasers, lol. I like the details. And the last line about a lock on her door is awesome. It gives us a shadow of could be going on.


  7. You've got a number of interesting things going on here but you've connected them all so it flows. Great work. I'm intrigued.


  8. I love this. I think you can combine the first three sentences into one (they're very funny, by the way!); other than that, this flowed really well. I love how spunky your MC is, like when she says \”Sleep-screaming is the worst habit. Completely strips away your privacy.\” This is great — keep it up!


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