Teaser Tuesday ~BA

It’s Tuesday once again, one of my favourite days on blogosphere, simply for the fact that I know what I should post today. So far, this has been an eventful month. I got a new WiP, one I’m having a lot of fun writing. Eventually I will also get back to SW (it’s in re-planning stage), but I’m hoping to get BA finished before I get into that. And getting back to where this month is concerned, I’m hosting Angela Morrison Month and giving away a copy of Sing Me To Sleep. Be sure to check that out.
Now for the tease. This is from Breaking Away. Ronni is at a party.

*chowed on*

16 thoughts on “Teaser Tuesday ~BA

  1. oh, wow! this is good…i mean really good! I love the end lines…make me feel for whatever demons your MC is trying to chase away with the booze…two very enthusiastic thumbs up!!


  2. But I don't need taste. I need the fuzziness, the numbness. My deal with alcohol is the after-effect.That there makes me wonder, why? Very good excerpt!


  3. LOL. A giant orgy. That'll stay with me for a whole week. Great job on this. I've never been to one of these parties (and my parents would probably kill me if I ever did) but through Ronni's eyes, I feel like I have. Great job!


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