Taking A Trip Down Procrastination Lane

Thought: Alright, I’m getting down to work.
Action: *ping* Just a sec…email
Thought: So, where exactly is this scene going?
Action: *peeks into AW* Hey, Twin! *at Race*
Action: *looks into refridgerator* Where’s the food?
Thought: Ack, I haven’t got a word in!
Action: Oh my, it’s Gossip Girl time!
Thought: Work. Work. Work.
Action: Yay, another giveaway! Must. Enter.
Thought: Okay, Muse, enough! Inspire me.
Action: ..”caught in a bad romance..”
Thought: I’m NOT going to bed till I finish this scene.
Action: Yawn. I’ll just a snatch a li’l…
*~next day~*

8 thoughts on “Taking A Trip Down Procrastination Lane

  1. Karla~ Procrastinators Unite!Race~ lmao, twin. There we go again..Adam~ Thanks for dropping by :)Choco~ If your blog is anything to go by, you produce more than you procrastinate..*worries that might just not have come out right :P*


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