New Winner and MORE Contests!

Since the previous winner never claimed her prize, I have a new winner for the Valentine’s Day contest. Henceforth,  a fresh copy of Trisha Ashley’s Chocolate Wishes will make it’s way to –
Meanwhile, I’ve been snooping around blogosphere and since there are lots of lovely books out there I so want to read, yet haven’t been able to (oh, I’m a poor college student, did you know that?), I’ve been going the giveaway way. Some lovely bloggers are holding some fantastic contests:
–> Liz from Cleverly Inked is giving away a copy of Before I Fall and signed swag, which is just so tempting you’d be insane not to enter.
–> Marjolein from MarjoleinBookBlog is giving away a copy of Brooke Taylor’s Undone. I read the first chapter on agent Kristin Nelson’s blog and it had me at go!
–> Teen writer Steph Bowe of Hey!Teenager of the Year is holding a giveaway of epic proportions as part of her blog’s first birthday. What are you waiting for?
So..well *rushes off to enter contests*

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