WiP Summary/ Title Suggestions

I’ve finally decided to do a summary-like-thingy for my current work-in-progress Breaking Away, except that it’s not called Breaking Away anymore ’cause I don’t think the title quite goes with the story. In a way, earlier it used to, but now, after a pretty massive makeover, nada..

Seventeen year old Ronni Gupta might be living under a facade but that’s not for others to know. She made a conscious attempt to leave her past when she left her country for an English small town and is now the party-loving, sardonic senior, you’d be lucky to have around. It’s all well and good, really, because if the truth cracks out, it could be worse than social suicide.
But when the motley class of Year Twelve is made to come together to put up a production of Shakespeare’s Twelfth Night, sparks fly, jealousy ignites and skeletons come tumbling out of the closet. From an exposé and a hate club to ego wars and unlikely alliances, Ronni’s world might just come crashing down all over again.
This time around, picking up the pieces could mean digging deeper into the past than she could ever imagine -and, possibly, giving life another chance.

It’s very sketchy, but this is where you come in. I need you to suggest potential titles for me. Outrageous, modest, droll..anything that could come close to summing that up.
Go ahead, shoot!

7 thoughts on “WiP Summary/ Title Suggestions

  1. Hmm… Is the play as major to the plot as I think it is? It could be called \”After Twelfth Night\” or tie the play and her facade together for \”playacting.\”Hmmm… (again)… lemme think on it.


  2. Race~ yes, 'Play Acting', 'Role Playing' all crossed my mind. I'm still debating, though. Hmm..'After Twelfth Night' sounds interesting <33Bookaholic! Trust me, 'Skeletons In The Closet' was one of the first titles on my list, but um, doesn't sound a bit too dark?Keep the titles coming though 🙂


  3. Mae~ Thank you! Secrets sounds cute <33Becca~ Twefth? Hmm…interestingJanie~ Actually I'm trying to steer clear of calling it anything related to Twelfth Night 'cause it might lead people to think that it's a loose retelling of it or something 😮


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