Winner of Writing Journal

In case you’re wondering, no I haven’t forgotten. Yes, I’ve been lazy (or busy -hey, it’s all about how you put it) what with writing, reading, upcoming exams, incessant power cuts (it’s happening *wails*) and life in general, but I HAVEN’T FORGOTTEN.
So, yes, I have a WINNER.
I bet you’re happy now. *makes I-told-you-so face here*
In all honesty, those were some great entries. Heck, who wouldn’t want a writing journal -one where you can scribble all those little too-dark thoughts you wouldn’t want the outside-journal world to know? You want it and I want it too (really unfortunate I couldn’t enter, because if I did I’d win, wouldn’t I? Ah, well, you guessed it *whines*)
Lauren Bjorkman, proud writer of My Invented Life and proud designer of the MIL Writing Journal, did the honours. Somewhat like this:

I wrote down one word to summarize each lovely entry, and then had my son look at them all, close his eyes, and touch one with the tip of his pencil. He chose “love” which I had written down for ‘s entry. She is the winner!

So, yes, now you can shake that sparkling champagne and wait for Lauren to email you 😀
If you didn’t win, don’t lose heart. As long as Dreamcatcher’s Lair is here and you’re a part of it, you know there will be more contests coming this way (this one’s the 3rd, btw).
I heart you all!

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