22 thoughts on “TEASER. Hells yes.

  1. wow this is really powerful. it makes wonder what happened last summer and what's going on in this scene (and the current summer).awesome job!


  2. First, purple hair and mint icecream are awesome! Now I want icecream.I love the voice in this and the description is very vivid. While I am not a fan of sand, I could feel it between my toes when the MC walked to the shack.I'm curious to know what's going on.


  3. I did comment, but for some reason I think maybe my comment got lost somehow. Your teaser is amazing. Your MC's voice is very touching. Man, can't wait to read more


  4. Wow this is really great! I love how you portray your character and the images of the beach are just awesome! This is a really great tease. 🙂


  5. I loved this image \”I push my feet into the sand, loving how the little grains snake around my toes, then fall out of the gaps.\” Nicely done!


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