How NOT Pefect

Before I start, I’d like to bow to Kristen and Steph for their fantastic posts on ‘Body Image’. And to all those who followed them with their own lovely posts on the subject, here’s a round of applause!

I’m late (thunderstorms, lost net conn, crashed comp, I’m-in-the-internet-café-right-now etc) but I’m hoping I won’t be the last person to join in the chain.

Because this is about NOT hating yourself.

Because this is about feeling good.

Well, I hope.

Once upon a time, there was a girl *cough cough* who was superskinny, with the super tiny waist everyone was injecting themselves with fat syringes to have and all she could say was, ‘What the heck is wrong with these people?’

‘Cause the heroine of this story was neither anorexic, nor bulimic, not even remotely interested in losing weight. Bless the genes. Except, for her, it was all blame the genes. Who in their right mind would want to be skinny? Instead, she was trying to get fatter. Seriously lacking in the ass and basooma department, the mantra was Gain Weight, Lose Hate. Whatever that means.

So what happened after all that hogging day and night, week after week on fatty food?

She still remained skinny. Stupid non-fattening genes. She was stuck on skinny for life.

And then she hated herself.

Because while her friends went My humps, my humps, my lovely lady lumps, she was still asked to show her ID while going to watch an 18+ rated movie. And instead of being asked out by boys her age she was quickly turning into a SILF (refer MILF. Ahem). Which wasn’t exactly cool.

Life sucked.

So what did she do?

She sucked it up. It wasn’t an overnight thing. She still has occasional withdrawals. Bad hair days still make her cry. Sometimes she still envies the celebutantes on magazine covers, even though she knows they are all airbrushed images and most of them don’t look even half as good as they appear. And some other times – rarely, but still – she wishes she has all that money to buy things like Sheer Cover and other magical make-up that turns you into a goddess in the flash of a second.

But, while she does want to look good, it’s not for someone else. Not ‘cause she wants someone else to appreciate her. She wants to look good for herself.

And even when she doesn’t look good, it’s okay. It’s okay to paddle in pajamas and bed hair and eat gummy worms and not look like a 100 bucks.

It’s okay to just feel good about yourself. Do things you love, be around people you like.

You don’t have to look perfect.

Sometimes it’s just fine to be imperfectly perfect.

In keeping with Kristen’s request, here’s she in all her imperfect glory. (Heck, even her FB pic is one she took in her pajamas!)
‘Post a picture of yourself – sans makeup, fashionable clothing, or a fancy-schmancy hairstyle. A picture of yourself in your PJs, hugging your teddy bear, making a stupid face. A picture of YOU.’

6 thoughts on “How NOT Pefect

  1. I second Chanelle! :)It's amazing to me how EVERYONE has body issues. The curvy girls hate their curves; the skinny girls hate their skinniness. It's amazing, and it's been even more amazing to see all these posts embracing all those quirks. 🙂 Great post!


  2. I need to remind myself of this, thank you! And you're beautiful without a stitch of makeup on. It's amazing how we don't need all that gunk to really see how lovely people are.


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