Contests. Yes! What better than some free books and swag?
In celebration of reaching 150 followers (CONGRATS!), Lydia is offering a B&N gift card, Starbucks gift card, as well as Jennifer Donnelly’s A Northern Light. Rush HERE.
Kathy Brady is showering her followers with love! Up for grabs are Amazon Gift Cards for first, second and third prizes. How awesome is that? BAG IT!
Also, my amazing twinsie, Rachel is holding a “Massive Giveaway”, which, quite honestly, if you miss, you”ll be doomed. And you don’t wanna be doomed, do you? I don’t want you to be doomed either, since a lot of this blog is about spreading the cheer..so you might as well Head THERE.
And, bestie Tahereh has quite literally a contest that will IMPLODE YOU BRAIN (a follow-up of the Contest That Cracked the Earth into Two). I can’t even begin to list all the jazz that’s up for your taking. Join in and even if you don’t win, you’ll win a bucketful of Tahereh’s love for lifetime. Yeah, Go AHEAD.
Kathleen Ortiz has YA/MG books and ARCs, bookstore gift card, query critique, synopsis critique, first chapter critique or an extra book. (I’d go for the bookstore gift card. Or the first chapter critique. Or the extra book. Or..oh, I dunno, they are all so tempting!). Aren’t you tempted enough? Head OVER.
Since my comp’s still out and I’m-typing-this-out-at-the-British-Council-Library, you can guess why I have been sorta M.I.A for a while. I’ll be back. Promise. Though for how long, considering that the exam cloud is hanging over my head, is doubtful. But I’ll be back, ‘cos I so love you all and I can’t stay away from you for long.
For now, here’s to free books!

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