What Was Mine ~ TEASER

So, my two honours papers are down and I have four minor papers to go, but I’m back to teasing, because, well, I love teaser tuesdays and also, I haven’t exactly been studying. All I do these days is watch the big boys in shorts run around the big ball to snag the golden cup and I can’t help it ‘cos I love the beautiful game and its beautiful players.
Onto the teaser.



14 thoughts on “What Was Mine ~ TEASER

  1. Lol @ their interaction! \”I keep thinking about the pros of running away and then the cons double up and then I feel like I'm drowning.\” – I can SO relate to that. I love this! ❤


  2. Woot for finishing your papers! Not many more to go. ;)I agree with the others–I loved the voice, and could definitely tell she's a \”straight-talker\”. :DP.S. – Thanks for the kind words on my blog! <33


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