Mourning for MOCKINGJAY

What the heck is happening?

*looks around*

Really, wha–?

If you’re reading Mockingjay, or if you have read it already, I envy you.
If you haven’t, but you’re literally going dizzy with want, come mourn with me. Cos I come from a distant land where it’s not out yet. I should’ve moved countries for the day.


Are you as deprived as I’m feeling right now?
I doubt there’s been such a craze over a series finale since Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows (sorry, Stephenie Meyer!).
Of course, if you haven’t read it, you’re absolutely insane (all offense meant). Unless you’ve been living under a rock, which is crazy anyway.

For those who are reading Mockingjay, what say you?
No spoilers, please, I’m just extremely curious.
Scintillate me much?

*There’s no such word as ‘Scintillatingly’ btw, so don’t go quoting me and blaming me for your grammar misuse.

9 thoughts on “Mourning for MOCKINGJAY

  1. here is another international comp: will you be able to get it?i went out yesterday to get it (it was tuesday and the 2 book shops i went to had never heard of it – i had to repeat the name suzanne collins twice while they went out to their back room. and nothing! so weird seeing all the US buzz when no one in australia has even heard about it (only one person i know apart from my husband and me have read the forst ones – even though i keep offering to loan them out to friends…)thinking of youxxand hoping i can get a copy soon too.


  2. Abby ~ Ouch. Woe is me, too.Kjovus and Nomes ~ Thanks a ton for the links!And Nomes, I think I can get one in another 20 days or so, if the online bookstores ship it from the US. I rang all the bookstores, too, and they were clueless. My brother and I are going absolutely nuts.Hope you get your copy too Xx


  3. Bee, if it makes you feel any better, I haven't cracked open my copy yet. I'm not allowed. Too much to do. We'll see if I make it through the weekend without reading it, though. I just know once I open it, I won't be putting it down!


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