A Very Big Pleasant Surprise

If you have been around and about DL for long, you’ll know how much I love Angela Morrison and her books.
You will know that her debut novel, Taken By Storm, made me start this blog. Because I loved it so much, I wanted to tell the world about it.
You will know how January 2010 was celebrated as ‘Angela Morrison Month‘ with regard to the release of her second book, Sing Me To Sleep.
You will know that she featured on my Author Who Kick-Ass post as part of Author Appreciation Week..
You will know that I think she’s awesome.

Taken By Storm is one of my favourite books, ever. So you can imagine my excitement when I heard she had two follow-up books planned, Unbroken Connection and Cayman Summer. I couldn’t wait to get more of Leesie and Michael’s story.

And then, the BOMB! Her editor, the best advocate for Unbroken Connection left Razorbill and UC got a nice rejection letter.


I was seething then and I’m still seething now cos HOW COULD THEY REJECT A BOOK LIKE UNBROKEN CONNECTION? ARE THEY EFFING MAD?

Angela couldn’t believe it.
And of course, I couldn’t believe it either. What was gonna happen to Leesie and Michael now?

Well, something did happen. Something awesome. Angela got back on the horse. Top Shelf Books, an ebook publisher decided to publish the Unbroken Connection ebook, so Unbroken Connection is out on Kindle now. And the paperback edition’s just out too 🙂

What can I say, it’s Penguin’s loss. Because I’m reading the book and it’s —*breathless*

And the Very Big Pleasant Surprise?
I’m on one of my favourite writers’ acknowledgment list. Can you effing believe it?
Here’s an extract from the acknowledgment:

And all my devoted readers and loyal bloggers—especially Bidisha* at Dreamcatcher’s Lair who launched “Support for Unbroken Connection” on FaceBook and Michelle at Windowpane Memoirs who created the “Don’t Break the Connection” icon to share around the blogosphere—for rallying around me and buoying me up when Michael and Leesie’s continuing story lay stranded on the rocky shores of rejection. You helped me see that “no” isn’t the end of the journey. It’s just an opportunity to ford a new stream and explore fresh landscapes. You believed in me and my story and that gave me the courage to stand up for myself as an artist and follow the inspiration God blessed me with. Thank you, thank you, thank you.
(you can read the entire acknowledgment list here)
How much more awesome can she get?
Here’s Angela with the UC proof copies:

(Which I stole from here)
She’s such an inspiration for sticking around, not giving up even when there were punching bags flying at random. Screw rejection. This is sky-rocketing human spirit awesomeness.

Angela Morrison, you rock my socks off.

Find her on Facebook or stop by her homepage. You won’t be disappointed.

*And that, blogger folks, is my un-shortened name.

10 thoughts on “A Very Big Pleasant Surprise

  1. Yippee! So awesome and I'm proud of you 🙂 xxOn a side note – I still havent read and of her books! I know! They are sitting on my wish-list and now bumped right up to the top :)which book of hers should I buy first?x


  2. This is such a cool story. I haven't read any of Angela's books (yet) but I did get to meet her at a YA author signing earlier this year and she is such a sweet, cool person.


  3. Oh wow! That is so amazing. I love it when the little guys make things happen. I haven't read these books yet, but they sound good! I'll have to remember them. You rock! 🙂


  4. Ah! Bee!! What an amazing post. You rock MY socks off. Seriously, it would have been hard to keep going with your stepping forward and gathering support. Thank you!! Hugs and kisses and dancing on the ceiling.P.S. TopShelf Books ended up not lasting very long, so this is a completely INDEPENDENT RELEASE! (Doesn't that sound so much better than self-pubbing!) If anyone asks who my publisher is I can shrug and say, \”Hey, I'm indie.\” That's kind of cool. I'll have to break out my black leather jacket!


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