The Thing about Book Trailers

You can like them or you can hate them but they are everywhere.
Books are like the movies now, you have promo trailers now which can either work in their favour or just make you go meh.

Personally, I like book trailers. The visual impact they offer can sometimes overshadow even the book blurbs and just make you go all out to buy the book. Sometimes they are like those beautiful covers that you see, which alone are enough to instigate the reader into picking up a book and heading over to the sales counter with it.
However, not all book trailers have such results. There are those lousy ones or ones that fail to channel the book and can often turn the reader away from the book in question.

More often than not, it is the blurb/summary which will make you pick up a book, but there might be times when it’s just the book trailer alone. Has that ever happened to you?

It has happened to me, with the following trailer, which is still my favourite book trailer to date. The first time I fell in love with this book was via THIS TRAILER.

My Sister Jodie (by Jacqueline Wilson):

This is another trailer that is so full of beautiful people and tantilising music it has me pining for the book. Don’t you just love it?

Another Faust (by Daniel and Dina Nayeri):

Here are some other trailers which caught my eye.

Prada And Prejudice (By Mandy Hubbard)
It has a Jane Austen-y feel to it (is that Regency music?). Plus, dukes.

The Body Finder (by Kimberly Derting)
It gives me the creeps, which, I figure, is the eventual purpose of it.

Hold Still (by Nina LaCour)

I love this one SO much. The girl’s commentary reminds me of the Before I Fall trailer, which I liked too.

Thirteen Reasons Why (By Jay Asher)

This book that some fantastic fan made trailers on YouTube. This is one of them.

Which trailer is your favourite? Have trailers ever made you go all out to buy a book?

12 thoughts on “The Thing about Book Trailers

  1. I love all of these. Esp Hold Still. The fan-made trailer for Thirteen Reasons Why is ah-mazing. So well done.My personal favourite is probably the UK trailer for The Sky is Everywhere. And I really love the Like Mandarin one Kirsten Hubbard unveiled recently 🙂


  2. I know, Vee! The Sky Is Everywhere trailer (UK version)is SO pretty. I love the song they especially used for it.And I also saw the Like Mandarin trailer. Gah, the setting alone will sell the book 😉


  3. i usually don't like trailers, because when they're bad… they can be really REALLY bad. but i enjoyed every single one you posted here. maybe i just need to seek out the good ones. 🙂


  4. ahh, these are great. i usually don'tgo aroudn looking for trailer but when i see a good one i get so inspired.i really like the trailer for 'this is shyness'i love the hold still one here. have you read it? the trailer really matches the bookxx Nomes


  5. Erin ~ I agree, the bad ones can suck. But glad you enjoyed the ones here :)Colene ~ trailer loves unite!Nomes ~ I just checked the This Is Shyness trailer and I adore it! I'll be ordering it as soon as I get paid this month.Lydia ~ bad trailers can really turn you off trailers in general.


  6. i LOVED the trailer for before i fall. and the one for The Forest of Hands and Teeth is a-mazing, too! its what got me interested in the book, which, you know, is their purpose. 🙂


  7. I am not a trailer lover. I don't usually watch them and none have inspired me to actually buy a book. What inspires me to? Reviews like the ones you do 🙂 (ahem, The Sky Always Hears Me and the Hills Don't Mind – would never have picked that up in a million years on my own). The back cover. The front cover. Word of mouth. Those things get me! I'm in the minority, though. And it's lonely here.


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