This is what you shall be seeing soon

It’s been a bit quiet around here and that’s mostly cos it’s October, the Festival Season of Awesome. So we had a string of festivals, like Durga Puja and Laxmi Puja and then yesterday it was Diwali a.k.a. the Mega Festival of Lights. And even though, it’s most often than not a one-day fest, celebrations begin the day before and stretch on  to the day after and till Bhai Phota, which is on Friday, which kinda brings the curtains down on the festivities.

Basically that means that all throughout this month I’ve been running around town with my friends, although the roads have been choc-a-bloc like this

Of course, we weren’t merely running around, just for the sake of doing so. We were pandal-hopping, setting off firecrackers (and every possible firecrackers we could get our hands on), hogging on the festival-special platters…and going deliriously bonkers doing it all!

Did I tell you that the Diwali night sky is a most magnificent sight?
And, you know, this is a satellite image of India on Diwali night:

So, anyway. This month has been perfectly perfectly amazing, even though I also managed to set my laptop on fire in the process. Yeah, don’t even ask me about that. And while it recuperates in the service centre I have to make do with the Ancient Family PC From The Jurassic Age, which I am not much friendly with at the moment.

HOWEVER, there are things coming up here (how exciting is that? :P)
Like, The String Bridge Book And Music Blog Tour on November 3rd.

Where I shall be talking about this author and this book,

And this trailer where the author, who is a musician herself, sang the absolutely beautiful song.

And starting November 2nd, there’s the Dark YA Blogfest. If you love dark YA, you know that’s where you’re expected 🙂

Meanwhile, I suppose no one’s forgotten NaNoWriMo. So who’s taking the plunge this year? 🙂
I have something in mind, something very different from the kind of thing I write. I don’t know how far that’ll go, but if you’re hanging around the forum, add me.
My username: Bidisha
Maybe we can peep into each other’s works and be jealous. Haha. I’m such a naturally slow writer, I’ve never had a successful NaNoWriMo. The no-quality-all-quantity policy kinda doesn’t work for me, but every year I do join in. With hope.

And while all that will be going on, I have lots of reviews coming up as well. And some of them might even be non-YAs if you’re up for that.

So. Are you doing NaNoWriMo this year?

11 thoughts on “This is what you shall be seeing soon

  1. Nope. I'm not doing NaNoWriMo. Actually, I'm kinda scared of it even though I finish first drafts pretty fast. Good luck on your NaNoWriMo, though!Oh, and happy (belated) Diwali! I wish I could be in India for once when there's a festival. We always manage to go on vacations when nothing at all is going on. Pfft 😦


  2. I've decided to do a HalfNaNo this year. Think of it as a half marathon for those of us who don't write that fast. And I'm so excited for Jessica's book tour. I read her book and it's really great.


  3. I'm also writing something very different for NaNo. Something that's probably not very marketable. I just want to have fun. I'm strawberryblondie on there, I'll definitely add you 🙂


  4. I'm not doing NaNo, and even though I won't be participating in the dark YA blogfest, I can't wait to read the entries. I love dark YA. :DSeriously, how did your laptop catch on fire???


  5. Nope, not doing NaNo, other than the fact that it takes me about a year to write a first draft, I don't think I'd have time with my book launch and full time job and all! :o) EEK! Thanks so much for being a part of the blog tour! I'm so excited!


  6. Hii \”Bee\”.I love Diwali and that satellite image is amazing!!I came across your blog today and it's really nice to come across someone from India!!I am also from India(Andhra Pradesh)!!I saw that you are intrested in writing,and i wish you ALL THE VERY BEST on your projects.Oh!!i forgot to say,I am following you on GFC 🙂


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