Cover Re-creation: Help Me? Round II

Okay, so this comes in quick succession, but I need your help again. To help me pick a cover. For the cover recreation contest at Confessions of a Bookaholic.

So, yesterday I posted 6 covers I re-made for Holly Cupala’s new book Don’t Breathe A Word. And I asked for your opinions regarding which you thought would make the best entry (for the contest, ie). If you have no idea what I’m talking about, refer here. Well, THANK YOU for your suggestions! I really appreciated it 🙂

Anyway, based on what you said, I narrowed it down to the top three. I reworked one, tweaked another and let one just be. And now I need you to tell me which ONE you think should be my contest entry, okay?
So, here’s the actual book cover:

In Holly’s own words, these are visual ideas from the book:

Streets, darkness, light (I love the bokeh lights in the final official cover!). Asher, the abusive boyfriend, is obsessed with crows, and Joy feels like she is trapped like one. He gives her a Tiffany I.D. bracelet with a crow dangling from the edge. At the beginning of the novel, Joy cuts off her long, dark hair and bleaches it to disguise herself on the streets. There is a romance, too, with Creed—a talented musician who is on the streets for reasons of his own. 

Taken from here.

And here are the ones that I made:


Cover #2

Cover #3

Please choose just ONE cover. It would make my job easier AND I will love you forever. For reals.

12 thoughts on “Cover Re-creation: Help Me? Round II

  1. I really like the first one. I love the way the lights and shadows mix and how the girl in the picture is looking back. It's like she's running from something, which fits the book. Plus, it looks professional. So I'd go with #1 Good luck! ❤


  2. Hmmm, #1 gave me pause, but in the end I still need to go with #2. I think that the picture is a lot more grabbing. You can just feel the stress in the girl, how she's trying to let go and be free.


  3. Just ONE? I really like the first and second ones. Although if I had to choose, probably the first image with the title fonts from the second. The angle of the second girl might be a little weird for some people. :)Hello from a new follower, btw! Thanks for stopping by mine.


  4. Oh my lord, I can't believe I missed this. Other than being made of awesome, you also make covers! What is this, Bee?!I go with #2. I think it reflects the book summary quite well. And it looks totally professional.


  5. #1 is the best, imo. I'm wondering if the \”a\” in the middle should be done in a different color since it blends in with the van.Good job on these.


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