This is me…+ contest winner

This is me right now:

And, naturally, it’s not been pleasant. 
So I’ve been looking at things like this:
And these:

…and alternately laughing and swooning and snickering.

Remember the New Year contest I had throughout Jan? Well, it’s time to announce the winner.
So, the e-copy of Kelley York’s HUSHED (review here) goes to….


                                                       Emily R. King

Congrats, Emily. You will be hearing from me soon.

As for the rest of you guys?
Thanks for being so amazing.
You’re ALL superstars.

…..and now I shall go back to talking to the ceiling.

6 thoughts on “This is me…+ contest winner

  1. Get better soon! I love \”Dear Dracula\”. Too funny.Also, I got two emails saying you commented but your comments never showed up on the post. So strange! Hopefully, the problem fixes itself for next time.


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