In which I come back with news.

Don’t even ask me about that unexplained hiatus.
I have no idea what happened. Or…wait, maybe I do. You know those days when things just start happening and happen so much they just can’t stop? Well, THAT happened. Life did. It turns out that I now find myself knee-deep in a thing I didn’t even see coming, with a Boy who wasn’t even on the List (you know, one that consists of Tom Felton and the Winchester brothers and all those pretty boys on tv) and well, it’s been craaazy. This would’ve kinda made for an interesting high school story, except for the fact that we are both in university. Teehee.

ANYWHO. Enough with the personal talk. Like I said, I have news. Tra-la.

Firstly, guys, guys, guys. Remember that cover contest all of you helped me with? The one where you helped me choose one among several covers I made for Holly Cupala’s Don’t Breathe A Word? Not once but TWICE? Guess what, all your amazing input went into making me win that contest. And this was my first cover contest in, like, ever. THANK YOU! I wish I could send you guys something, all of you, to show how grateful I am for all your help, but, alas, being a poor college student has it’s disadvantages. But, really, if it means anything at all, thank YOU.

So you wanna see what I got?

So that’s a copy of Don’t Breathe A Word and an audio book of Tell Me A Secret and bookmarks and a graphic novel excerpt and um, stickers? Because of you guys, I now own an audio book. My first one ever. I’m not even kidding.
The best part?

Yes, personally signed! Gotta love that. And Holly’s got such nice handwriting, hasn’t she? *cuddles book*

In other news, which you must all be aware of by now, unless you’ve been living under a rock, JK ROWLING HAS A NEW BOOK! (that’s just one of the many links Google will take you to if you simply type in ‘J.K. Rowling’). So we don’t know much about the book, but we know something. We know that:

  • it’s NOT Harry Potter
  • it’s an adult novel
  • it will be published by Little, Brown
  • more details will be revealed later in the year


Also, Maureen Johnson (yes, our very own Maureen Johnson) wrote an amazing article in the guardian asking naysayers to dispose their doubts about THE bestselling children’s writer venturing into adult territory. I mean, c’mon, you can’t really expect another Harry Potter, but don’t put her down before you even know what she’s coming up with this time. OH GOD, I’M SO EXCITED. *does jagger dance* (don’t laugh, okay? i know you’re laughing. stop. STOP)

Moving on (ohmyfreakinggodrowlinghasanewnovel!).
*deep breath*
My friend from college, Paro has a new blog! I’ve known her for more than 3 years now and she’s a wonderful person, a lot of fun to talk to and by god, just look at Leafturner Tales! Isn’t it cute? She’s brand, brand new to the blogging world and she’s already gathered some followers (because she’s awesome that way), but it would be wicked cool of you guys to head that way and say ‘hi’. Show her how awesome and nice the blogosphere is 🙂


(so did the oscars go according to your prediction?)

Also, I came across this one on my aunt’s Facebook profile and it made me smile 😉


8 thoughts on “In which I come back with news.

  1. I made too many reaches on my ballot this year. I love The Artist and Hugo, but was a little surprised the love didn't get spread around a little more. Think I was more shocked by the Artist guy beating out Pitt and Clooney than Streep winning… both were surprising, though.Harry Potter seriously should've won costume and makeup. The Academy embarrassed themselves by not giving the highest grossing franchise of all time a single Oscar over the span of how-many-years. \”We love the fans/movie-goers\”, but apparently not enough to validate the things they truly love. I guess Return of the King will forever be the only bone they throw to the 'unwashed masses' who support the industry. Rant. Over. 🙂 Glad you're back!


  2. Well done! Those are awesome prizes! This post made me laugh so hard, and I totally agree that Harry Potter should have been awarded every form of film award this year, but sadly not :(I am also incredibly excited about Hunger Games movie, and the new JK Rowling book! It will be awesome, even with the lack of Harry, Ron and Hermione


  3. yo dudette, i am like 99.9% sure you'll love ms. cupala's books. i read her debut and cried like a BABY. (get the pun? b/c the MC is pregnant and…oh, nvm.) i don't watch the oscars b/c goddamn it they are so LONG. it's like, five minutes of broadcast and then, dun dun dun, ten minutes of commercials. i do not have anywhere near enough time. i did look at the winners and i just found myself a tad disappointed. sometimes these awards are just so bland and predictable, you know? how else has HP never on an oscar, i ask you? also: love the random pics!!


  4. DUDE, major congrats on the cover contest! And I'm reading Don't Breathe A Word right now. The abusive BF is creeping me out. (Yup, that's all I have to say… so far :P) Oh, love the Mushu pic. Also, THERE IS A BOY? Are you at liberty to twitter-discuss this with us?? 😀


  5. Aw, congrats on the win! That's awesome. I'm so excited about an adult JK book. It makes sense! Everyone that grew up with harry potter is an adult now (like me) so we'd love an adult book from her. I can't wait for more details.And I love the pics you just shared. All are brilliant, and I think alan rickman was totally robbed for not being nominated. :)-Lauren


  6. That's fabulous Bee!! But — why didn't you post the cover that won?? I went back through your posts and all were very cool! I'm thinking I might have to ask you to design me a cover. If ever… you know. 🙂 Have a good one!


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