Review Policy

This is primarily a YA book blog, so my first preference will always be for books in the Young Adult genre. I’m also open to New Adult books (think RED, WHITE & ROYAL BLUE by Casey Mcquiston).

I have a thing for character-driven stories and gorgeous writing. Give me the books that pull my heart out of my chest and stomp on it, or the ones that will make me grin throughout. I just want to get lost in a good story. Give me the queer brown girl and the angry brown trans boy. Give me the stories that shatter the stereotypes that come with underrepresented communities.

I’m not hard to please as a reader and I always give fair reviews. Be rest assured that I won’t thrash a book or bad-mouth an author. I have great respect for authors and do not believe a book can be terrible from every aspect UNLESS it harms marginalized people. My foremost purpose as a book-lover is to encourage people to read.

Having said that, I reserve the right to review or not review a book on this blog. For instance, if a book does not bode well with me AT ALL or if I’m unable to finish a book I will not review it.

If a book you’ve sent me for review doesn’t make it to this blog, I’ll still put it up on my Instagram (@chai_and_chapters) in the form of a post or a story. Please know that this only applies to physical copies for photographic convenience.

I post my reviews on this blog, InstagramGoodreads and Amazon.

Please respect my reviews. Irrespective of which way my opinions may swing, do not take my reviews as personal attacks of any sort. If you’re sending me a book to review, I would expect you to appreciate my honest opinion on it.

I realise that considering I live in India, shipping books is expensive, but print copies will always find favour over ebooks. 

Note: I’m not reviewing self-published books right now.

I only interview authors whose books I have read. Author Guest Posts are open to all – irrespective of whether I’ve read your book yet or not. 

If you want to request an author interview or if are interested in doing a guest post for this blog, please get in touch with me!

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