A New Year’s Gift for the Blogstars!

The calender on my laptop screen says 2012. WHEN DID THAT HAPPEN? Year of the Apocalypse – ALREADY?

Also, I will be 22 this year. In about 7 months time. Sheesh, I’m getting old *clutches on to youthful self*

To be honest, I feel like this:

But for the sake of this being the time-of-the-year-to-spread-cheer, I’ll push aside the cynic to quote Oprah:
For all that the last year has given me and taken away from me, I’m thankful for one thing.
I’m thankful for you.
Yes, YOU guys. My blogstars.
This blog wouldn’t have been anywhere, if you guys hadn’t stuck around with me. I could have rambled on and on with no followers or readers and then I’d have gotten bored of..well, just talking to myself (I mean, I can do that in my room. I don’t need a blog for that), so I guess I’d mope about, secretly listening to emo music and occasionally crying out ‘Woe is me. Nobody wants to listen to me. Nobody cares.’ And then eventually I’d have left blogosphere. 
Now THAT would have been terrible for me. Because, honestly, belonging to this blogging world has made me a better writer AND reader. Don’t ask me how, but it has. Maybe it’s just your awesomeness rubbing off on me.
I’m celebrating.
Not in a big way, cause big celebrations call for a lot of money, which I don’t have (what with me being a poor university student and all that), but celebrating, nevertheless. I’m giving away an e-ARC of Kelley York‘s HUSHED. Yeah, that book I gushed about in December. This is how it looked like. Remember?
If you don’t know the book I’m talking about, click on the links above. There’s plenty to make you want to read it 😉
There are two requirements to enter:
1. Be a follower – because, really, this is a thank you of sorts to my followers who really are the blogstars.
2. Be a blogger – because they are awesome. And they have made my stay here, awesome. So, I’m sorry non-bloggers, this is only for the blogger folks.
There are a few ways to earn extra entries, too, but that’s up to you. I won’t love you less if you don’t go that way, but it is appreciated. Also, like all giveaways on this blog, this is open to everyone with a valid email address 🙂
You’ll find the form at the end of the post.
Anyway. Now that that’s out of way, I’ve been thinking a lot about wishes and goals for 2012. I mean, every year I go, ‘Oh dear lord, please, PLEASE, see that I get published this year’ – it’s kind of become the usual thing. Of course, I still want that. Will always want that more than anything else. As much as I want to go to New York. Or get a beach house. Or marry Tom Felton. You know the drill. This time, though, I’m not really expecting anything specific. I just want this to be a really good, unforgettable year. 
This is what I want out of 2012.
This year I want to be surprised. With good, magical things.
What about you?
Have a good year, folks! 🙂